Bistro Menu

Mother's Day Lunch - Sunday 10th May, 2015

Beer Happy Hour Prices

  • Schooners from $3
    Half litre beer from $5
    Wine from $2.50
  • Specific "Happy Hour" Deals

  • 1/2 Litre Coopers Pale, Lager or Light $5.00
  • Schooner Coopers Pale, Lager or Light $3.00
  • König Ludwig Dunkel 500ml $10 / 300ml $6
  • Any other German Bier on Tap 500ml $8 / 300ml $5
  • House Wine or Soft Drink $2.50
  • Carafe House Wine $8.00
  • Shots of Vodka, Brandy, Scotch or Jim Beam $3.50

Happy Hours

Fri: 5.30pm – 7.30pm
Sat: 11.30am – 1.30pm


Voluntary 2016 Schützenfest Work Group Member

Objective: The aim of this Work Group is to assist the Management Committee of the SAADV and ensure a successful and profitable 2016 Schützenfest.

A unique opportunity is available for people with a sound understanding of traditional German festivals. Work Group meetings with be held every 2-4 weeks at the German Club.

We are looking to engage people who:

  • Offer expertise in a diverse range of areas (management, finance, marketing, entertainment, community and family)
  • Are committed to achieving the 2016 Schützenfest objective of creating a family friendly atmosphere

Applications in writing can be made to Manfred Lang, General Manager at the German Club Office prior to 28th April 2015 using the contact information.


Proud Members: